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We need : 

 -The name to put on the invoice. Please note that in case of several people wanting to share the price of the tour,  we can NOT do several invoices. One will have to pay for the whole tour, and you will see together for the payment on your side.

- The name of the people who will be on tour if it is different from the name on the invoice

- The date of the tour

- Which tour you want to book

- The time when and the place where the guide will meet you, and if the tour has to end at a different place.

There is 10% to pay in order to confirm the reservation. It will not be refunded in case of a cancellation from you.  It will be refunded if the cancellation comes from the company (only for very exceptional reasons).

The balance has to be paid the day of the tour, by cash, Visa Card or Mastercard.

In case you have to cancel : 

There will be no charge of the balance at all if you cancel for good reasons at least 48 hours before the tour. For any cancellation for good reasons the day before, or on the day of the tour the total price will be charged. If you have prepaid your, and cancel it for good reasons more than 48 hours before your tour, there will be a full refund.

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