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Prices 2024

Prices of guiding only

3 hours long tour :                     250€

Half-day tour (4h long max) : 360€

Full-day tour (9h long max) :  480€

Prices of guiding with transport 

Add approximately 150€ for a half-day, 200€ for a full-day for an average 150km tour.

If more than 150km contact me.

What does the price represent ?

Value Added Tax : 10% on transport, 20% on guiding  

It's mandatory in France for companies which have more than 36 800€ /year sales.

The company collects the tax for the government, and it has to be included in the announced price. 

It's the main source of income of the French government : 37.9% in 2021. Everybody has to pay it, even if you are not French or not even European. 

Other taxes:

I also have to pay other taxes for the government health-care, social-security, and professional training, as well as the income tax : it's approximately 34%

Result : 

For a full-day tour sold 450€, the result is (450 : 1.20) -34% =247.5€

Do you still find it expensive ?

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