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Short Tour SWORD BEACH 2, from Colleville sur Orne to Ouistreham :
British and French Commandos


On June 6th 1944, at Colleville sur Orne, landed  2,500 British Commandos under the command of General Lord Lovat. Among them were the 177  Frenchmen of the 1st Bataillon de Fusiliers Marins Commandos. I will tell you how Philippe Kieffer created this unit and what was their mission on D Day and after D Day.

This tour will start at Colleville sur Orne, renamed after the war Colleville Montgomery, where they landed, under intensive German fire, to end at Ouistreham where they had to neutralize a German fortification which was in place of the casino.



No dates available in 2024 yet.

This tour lasts between

2h30 and 3h00 


 Telephone : 06 18 63 17 35

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