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Suresnes American Cemetery

Very few people know about the American cemetery close to Paris in Suresnes.

I recently visited it, it had been a long time wish... More than 25 years ago, I guided an American couple on the D Day Beaches in Normandy, and during the visit, the man told me that his grandfather fought and died in France, but in World War One. He also said that he was buried in France but noone knows where. I was surprised and asked him if his grand-father was missing in action and he said : "No... It's just that it was such a long time ago... And so far away from home... He was buried somewhere, and the organization then was not the same, than now and the family never knew..."

I was still surprised, knowing about the efficiency of the American Battle Monuments Commission who takes care of the American graves buried in the 11 American Cemeteries in France, from both World Wars, so I asked the man, the name of his grandfather, and telephoned the Normandy American Cemetery. It took them only a few minutes to find where the grave was. In Suresnes American cemetery.

He was very emotioned, and he, his wife, and friends, decided to rent a car and go there from Paris where they were staying.

On That day I felt my job was meaningful, which is not always the case.

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